Turkish Language Levels

The Common European Framework of Reference for Languages has defined the levels of language exams in different countries.
There are six levels: A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2 which are described below:
1. Level A1 "Basic ability of communication - Cope with simple questions and answers."
2. Level A2 "Elementary knowledge of the language - Ability to talk about predictable topics"
3. Level B1 "Intermediate knowledge of the language - Dealing with some non-routine situations i.e. to open a bank account"
4. Level B2 "Good knowledge of the language - Ability to describe a wide range of topics i.e. to give a detailed description of a place"
5. Level C1 "Very good knowledge of the language - Be able to deal with unpredictable subjects and topics."
5. Level C2 "Knowledge of the language at an academic level, maybe have better than a native speaker."

Especially in Turkish

1. The level A1 is called Temel Seviye 2.
2. The level A2 is called Temel Seviye 4.
3. The level B1 is called Orta Seviye 4.
4. The level B2 is called Yüksek seviye 2.
5. The level C1 is called Yüksek seviye 4.
6. The level C2 is called Yetkin seviye.

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