This activity includes video and lyrics from international hits that have been performed by Greek* and Turkish** artists. The Turkish lyrics are presented for practice. Select a song and click the button "Presentation". In the right frame you will see the video clips and the lyrics.

In the website there are also collections with
1. New and modern songs
2. Mid 20th century popular songs
3. Old and traditional songs

If you notice a broken link, please let me know in order to correct it.

* Greek songs by: Adamantidis, Argyraki, HeroPaides, Imvrios, Ioannidis, Jordaneli, Kanelidou, Koskina, Kouroukli, Mando, Martakis, Nikolaou, Panousis, Protopsalti, Sarbel, Vissi, Zouzounia
** Turkish songs by: Aksu, Aldinç, Belkis, Dündar, Erkoç, Günceler, Grup Vitamin, Hayrettin, Koç, Mavi Işıklar, Nilüfer, Okan, Pekkan, Sirgee, Tatlıses