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The aim of this website is to explore the many aspects of Turkish grammar and language. Here you will find theory, examples, audio, video and many types of exercises for almost every grammatical issue. Both beginners and advanced learners of Turkish language will be helped in their studies. All the learning material is online and free. This website was created by Panagiotis Georgalas, who teaches Computing in Secondary Education in Athens, Greece.

Methodology - Practice

Several innovative online educational methods have been implemented throughout the website. You can practise your Turkish language skills, watching videos, listening to songs, reading rss feeds and news from carefully selected sources.
The teaching approach is student oriented, trying to help the student comprehend and learn rather than strictly examine skills already achieved. Because of the large space that is needed for the exercises, small mobile phone screens may encounter problems with the contents of this website. For the exercises and the multimedia presentations, Javascript must be enabled and Flash player must be installed.

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